Will Ledford Construction build on a lot that I already own or want to purchase?

Absolutely! Ledford Construction is open to building on off-site lots. Each piece of land is unique, and numerous factors come into play when selecting a floor plan for a specific lot. If you already own a lot or are interested in purchasing one, please get in touch with Ledford Construction’s New Home Specialist, Cassie Berryman. She will gather the necessary information from you for Ledford Construction to assess the property and explore future building possibilities.

Will I receive regular updates from Ledford Construction?

Absolutely! You can expect to receive weekly updates from your builder through Builder Trends. This will keep you well-informed about the progress of your construction project.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns during the construction of my home?

For any inquiries or concerns during the various stages of construction and City of Joplin building inspections, please reach out to Ledford Construction’s New Home Specialist, Cassie Berryman.

Who is the contact person for obtaining more information about building with Ledford Construction or the Eagle’s Edge subdivision?

For inquiries about building with Ledford Construction or the Eagle’s Edge subdivision, you can reach out to Cassie Berryman, a REALTOR and New Home Specialist. Cassie has a wealth of experience in design trends, spatial balance, and attention to detail. As your guide, Cassie will assist you throughout the entire process of building your dream home or investment property with Ledford Construction. To get in touch with Cassie, please click here.

Where can I access information about floor plans and available lots?

You can find floor plans and available lots at Buildineaglesedge.com/available-lots. This website provides comprehensive details on the different floor plans and lots currently available.

What options do I have for making changes to a floor plan?

Ledford Construction understands the importance of functionality in a home and is open to considering certain changes. If there are specific elements on a floor plan that don’t align with your requirements, they are willing to have a conversation to assess if a request can be approved or if there’s another floor plan that better suits your needs. It’s important to note that the possibility of modifying a floor plan is limited and can only be considered for homes that have not yet been constructed. For more information on the typical floor plan changes that are approved, please reach out to Ledford Construction’s New Home Specialist, Cassie Berryman, who can provide you with further details.

What kind of warranties does Ledford Construction offer?

As experienced fourth generation builders, James Ledford and Lance Ledford believe in addressing any concerns directly with homeowners. Ledford Construction provides a one-year builder warranty. When you sign the contract for your new home, we will provide a thorough explanation of the process for filing a home warranty claim.

What is the total number of single family homes planned for Eagle’s Edge and when is the estimated completion date?

Eagle’s Edge plans to offer a total of 150 single family homes upon its completion, which is expected to be in Fall 2025. The neighborhood is being built in phases using a block build process, ensuring the construction is completed street by street. This approach aims to provide a comfortable homeowner experience throughout the completion of the neighborhood.

What is the process for securing the lot of your choice?

To secure the lot that you prefer, the next step is to get in touch with Cassie Berryman, Ledford Construction’s New Home Specialist. Cassie will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your desired floor plan, help you with design selections, provide information about the build process, and guide you through every step. For out-of-state buyers, Cassie can connect with you through phone calls, Zoom, or FaceTime, and share all necessary documents for review via email. To connect with Cassie and begin the process, please click here.

What is the estimated duration for the home construction process?

The construction of each home is projected to take approximately 6 months, from start to completion.

What is the amount of the deposit required to secure a lot for construction?

To secure a home in Eagle’s Edge, you will need to make a construction deposit of $5,000 when contracting with Ledford Construction. Any additional costs for upgrades and fees must also be paid at the time of contracting. It’s important to note that all upgrades and fees are nonrefundable and not subject to appraisal. However, the $5,000 construction deposit will be credited back to you at the time of closing. This amount will be applied towards any payments due to the title company and lender fees, such as closing costs or down payment. If the $5,000 construction deposit exceeds the amount owed for closing costs or down payment, you will receive a check from the title company for the difference you are owed.

What if I want to modify my floor plan or selections after signing the contracts?

There may be instances where you realize a need or desire for changes that were not initially considered during the selection process. In such cases, you have the option to request a change order. However, please note that changes are strongly discouraged as they can potentially delay the construction timeline and incur additional costs. Any approved changes will require a payment of $500 per change order at the time of the request. These costs are nonrefundable and not subject to appraisal. All change orders will be mutually agreed upon and signed by both the buyer and Ledford Construction, becoming a part of the builder contract.

What happens if the finish I choose is no longer available?

Ledford Construction offers a wide range of readily available selections to accommodate buyer preferences. However, in the event that a selected finish becomes back-ordered, out of stock, or no longer available, alternative options will be identified. Ledford Construction will present these new options to involve you in the decision-making process.

What choices do I have for upgrading finishes?

Exciting news! Ledford Construction provides you with numerous options to customize your home. You have the opportunity to create your own unique design package by selecting your preferred finishes from the options offered by Ledford Construction. To facilitate this process, there is a one-time design fee of $300, payable at the time of contracting. This fee grants you the freedom to choose your desired interior and exterior finishes from Ledford Construction’s selection.

What are the standard finishes offered by Ledford Construction?

Ledford Construction prioritizes the meticulous attention to detail in their homes and offers four design packages to simplify the selection of finishes. The design packages include The Belson, The Monroe, The Roanoke, and The Guthrie. Each package features standard finishes such as custom cabinets provided by Twin Oaks Cabinetry, granite countertops, carpeted bedrooms, luxury vinyl plank flooring, LED lighting, and more. For additional information on design packages and a comprehensive list of standard finishes, appliances, and systems, please get in touch with Cassie Berryman, who can assist you further.

Is there an opportunity for a walk-through of the home before closing?

Absolutely! This is the moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting! During the new home introduction, you will have the chance to familiarize yourself with the home systems, assess the finished layout, and address any concerns you may have.

Is the price of the lot included in the purchase of a home in Eagle’s Edge?

Absolutely! The list price of homes in Eagle’s Edge already includes the cost of the lot. When you buy a home from Ledford Construction, there are no extra charges unless you choose to add upgrades to your home.

Is it possible to have a fence installed?

Absolutely! You have the option to have a fence installed, although there will be an additional cost associated with it. Please keep in mind that any upgrades, additions, or closing costs are not included in the appraisal value of the home.

Is it necessary to obtain pre-qualification to secure a lot with Ledford Construction?

Yes, it is important to partner with a reliable local lender to make the process leading up to the closing day stress-free. If you have not yet connected with a local lender, we can offer locally trusted lending options. There are various home loan programs available that cater to different buyer requirements.

Is it allowed to visit the construction site while my home is being built?

Although it can be exciting to witness the progress of your home construction, it is important to prioritize safety. Construction sites can be hazardous due to uneven terrain and debris. If you wish to view the property, it is advised to schedule a showing with your agent. For safety reasons, Ledford Construction requires prior approval and the presence of representation for any visits to the property.

Can I have a custom home built by Ledford Construction?

Absolutely! Ledford Construction specializes in creating custom designed homes that fulfill all of your homeownership aspirations. The custom build process ensures meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a beautifully crafted and functional home. Every aspect is tailored to suit your specific lifestyle. If you’re interested in discussing a custom built home with Ledford Construction, please reach out to their New Home Specialist, Cassie Berryman.

Are there any other subdivisions available through Ledford Construction?

Ledford Construction is continually assessing land options for potential future neighborhoods in the Joplin and surrounding areas. However, currently Eagle’s Edge is the only exclusive subdivision offered by Ledford Construction.

Am I able to choose both the lot and the floor plan for my home?

Absolutely! There are a wide range of lots and floor plans to choose from. If you don’t see a lot or floor plan that you prefer, we can explore options to secure a lot with your desired floor plan.