Build Process


A company has developed a process that ensures a smooth and seamless experience for customers interested in building a new home. Although the specific details of this process may differ for each client, here is the general experience you can anticipate when building in the Eagle’s Edge Subdivision.


Once we establish that Eagle’s Edge is the ideal location for your new home, we will proceed to the Design Phase. During this phase, we will thoroughly examine the following details:

  • Estimated construction timeline
  • Budget range
  • Selections for floor plans and designs

The objective in this phase is to provide you with all the necessary information upfront, enabling you to determine if new home construction aligns with your preferences and requirements.


After finalizing the design of your home, you will be presented with an opportunity to review the contract details before construction commences. During this stage, Ledford will thoroughly assess and validate the floor plans and design selections, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the design of your home. If there are any specific adjustments or customizations you wish to make, this will be your last chance to discuss them with Ledford before construction begins.

Rest assured, you will be equipped with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Ledford will provide precise figures and a construction timeline. Additionally, the communication protocols, including the frequency of updates from the team, will be established at this juncture.


Once the contract is signed, construction of your new home will commence. Ledford, responsible for construction, maintains direct communication with clients throughout this phase. They utilize a mobile app called Builder’s Trend to provide weekly updates. If any issues arise that require troubleshooting, Ledford will promptly reach out to you to collaborate on finding a suitable solution.

While Ledford oversees the construction, Flanagan will handle the necessary paperwork. Our team manages communication with the title company and lender on your behalf. Additionally, our team ensures that you are satisfied with the progress by conducting weekly check-ins. If you have any concerns or issues, please don’t hesitate to inform our team and we will ensure prompt resolution.



As the construction nears completion, you will have the chance to acquaint yourself with your new home. Ledford Construction will guide you through a series of straightforward steps to ensure that your home remains in pristine condition for years to come. Some of the key aspects covered during this phase include:

  • Locating the HVAC intake and air filters
  • Identifying specific lawn care requirements (apart from general landscaping)
  • Instructions for sealing and maintaining granite surfaces
  • Registering any important warranties

During this final walkthrough, you will have the opportunity to verify that you are thoroughly content with your new home.


Congratulations! We have reached the final step of the building process. After an extensive journey, your home is now officially yours. Whether you intend for this to be your permanent residence or an investment property, completing the build process is a milestone worth celebrating!